#11 Am I Having Fun?

Like the rest of you wonderful people, I’m exhausted. We all have a lot of roles in our jobs. Search results might share that we’re teachers or administrators, but we’re all so much more than that. In our field, it is so easy to get burnt out.

Just this past week, I learned that I’ll be taking on a head coaching position instead of an assistant coach. Additionally, I learned that next year, I’ll be co-teaching two classes as we shift to meet our populations’ needs better. All of this on top grad classes, tutoring, and all of the other obligations and desires life brings.

I say these things not to lament but to point out that I’m not an anomaly. There’s a lot of us sharing similar stories. The truth is a lot of us actually probably enjoy it. We love the roles that we play in our buildings. They excite us, and they motivate us. Though, sometimes, that love and motivation can come at the expense of ourselves.

With that being said, like the rest of you wonderful people, I’m still exhausted. So, to recoup and recalibrate, I’m asking myself a simple question, “Am I having fun?” I’ll teach for the rest of my life but only under this one condition. I’ve got to be still having fun. It’s just my style.

If I’m not having fun, I need to step back to shift perspectives to make sure I’m having more fun. That is going to be my personal goal over the next week.

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