#05: One Word for 2021 #Explore

I’m hopping on the one word train! Albeit about three weeks late, but I’m here. I’ve recently become inundated with information in the education field. So, it only makes sense that 2021 will be defined by the word “explore.”

I’m just over halfway in my second year, and I ignorantly began the term with a “Yeah, I kind of know what I’m doing” headspace.


Boy, was I wrong. After many failures, bombs, and flat lessons. I picked up my humility pants and set out to learn some things. I started by making a teacher account on Twitter in an attempt to build a virtual PLN.

What I discovered was a treasure trove of spectacular teachers. I found a crowd of next level folks in my wheelhouse, and I’ve learned an unfathomable amount of tips and strategies already.

I’ve only been on Twitter for about three weeks. Every single time I hop on, I find myself learning something new and meeting educators that are willing to share their knowledge and work. There are so many paths to travel along in our profession. Twitter and other social media sites are places where those people all come together to drop knowledge.

So, I reckon I’ll become an explorer. I’m going to set out to unearth every brick of professional learning that exists. From Ferdinand Magellan to Neil Armstrong, explorers flood our planet with a rich history. They made incredible discoveries, but everything they found had already existed before them.

Their most significant contributions were that they brought their findings back to their people and spread information about the new world of their time.

As educators across the globe find a way to pivot through a pandemic, it feels as though we’re entering a new world of teaching.

This year, I’ve committed to exploring, in hopes of bringing back my findings to my people.

If you’ve made it this far, do me a favor and reach out to me on twitter to connect and let me know what you think.

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