#02: Stop Being the Bottleneck in the Classroom

I first heard about EdPuzzle in February of 2020. You know, before the world was ending. I tried many different times to use it in my class, and I failed at every attempt. I chalked it up to being another useless edtech tool that was unnecessary with a steep learning curve. I pitched it into the trash and moved on with my time.

Then, I learned about different teaching strategies of instruction where you go all in on the student centered approach. See Modern Classroom and blended learning. I realized that I was the bottleneck and barrier in my classroom. I withheld information and content from my students to their detrement.

I set out to fix my problem by recording instruction through a screen recording service, but paired it with EdPuzzle to add multiple knowledge checks along the way. It helped me step back and differentiate by providing more time to the students that needed it while the others could move along. I’m still quite a novice with it, but I’m excited to continue growing out of my role as a keeper of knowledge and into a facilitator of learning.

If you’ve made it this far, do me a favor and reach out to me on twitter to let me know what you think.

More importantly, I have some questions for you! Help me be a better teacher and writer by sharing your expertise.

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